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Energy Innovation


Trucks Emerging as Next Frontier for Electric Vehicles

With commercial trucks, owners are looking to save costs without compromising performance, making electrification a viable option. Read More


Vehicle Miles Traveled and Ridesharing

Factors other than ridesharing carry more weight behind the surge in VMT. Lower pump prices, economic growth, and rising household income are underpinning increased travel. Read More

Autonomous Vehicles

Nuvve CEO on Vehicle-to-Grid Technology, Energy Storage, and Autonomy

Vehicle-to-grid technology will be a main factor in accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles, according to the CEO of a start-up dedicated to EV integration. Read More


DENC Releases Case Study and Recommendations for EV Deployment During National Drive Electric Week

Coinciding with NDEW, SAFE’s Electrification Coalition is releasing a case study with the best practice recommendations developed through the Drive Electric Northern Colorado initiative. Read More


National Drive Electric Week Set to Showcase Massive Growth Potential of EVs

This year’s National Drive Electric Week comes as more governments are aiming to move away from conventional vehicles in the next couple of decades, EV sales are seeing enormous growth, and forecasters are bullish on their long-term outlook Read More


At EPA Hearing, Testimonies Focus on Economic, National Security Benefits of Stricter Fuel Economy

'Fuel economy regulations are a preemptive strike against collusion and market-distorting behavior. In fact, current regulations will eliminate 12 billion barrels of oil imports between 2015 and 2040.' Read More


Why Every Entrepreneur Should Take a Closer Look at Clean Tech

The companies that succeed will do what smart new startups have always done: Focus on delighting customers and disrupting markets using creative combinations of technology, software, and business models. Read More


The Myth of Energy Independence: Looking Back at Andrew Grove’s Advocacy

Andrew Grove, an early advocate of electric vehicles and former legendary CEO of chipmaker Intel, died this past week. Over the past decade, the tech mogul emerged as a prominent voice in dispelling the myth of energy independence and repeatedly urging reforms in transportation, particularly the adoption of EVs. Read More


Oil Industry Shaped by Changing Roles of IOCs and Service Companies

KPMG: Even as national and international oil companies continue to call the shots, oilfield service companies have emerged as the "unsung workhorse" of the oil industry. Read More


End of an Era? Oil and Gas Megaprojects Pushed to the Back Burner

Chevron, Shell, ConocoPhillips, and ExxonMobil are all announcing limits on megaproject spending to focus on shale oil and gas production. Read More


Video: Two Startups Break Ground on Hyperloop Demonstration Facilities

Is the Hyperloop a transportation revolution waiting to happen, or a pipe dream? As two startups break ground on demonstration facilities, we speak with experts to determine if the Hyperloop is more than a hype machine. Read More


Video: AGS Seeks to Boost Efficiency of Oil and Gas Production

Peter Kuhn of AGS explains how his company's technology combines valves and algorithms to transform oil and gas production at the wellhead, reducing wastewater and gas flaring while improving company returns. Read More