The Fuse

Energy Innovation


ARPA-E Moves Forward With Ambitious Project to Reduce Energy Consumption through Automated Tech

The commercialization of energy and transportation technologies can be very expensive and risky, so given the enormous task of reducing oil dependence, partnerships established through ARPA-E projects will be very vital. Read More


How to Enable the Department of Energy's National Laboratories to Innovate

The DOE’s National Laboratories are a core engine of national innovation system but one in urgent need of a tune-up if the U.S. is to meet the pressing challenges of energy security. Read More

Autonomous Vehicles

Who Benefits from NHTSA’s New Autonomous Vehicle Policy?

Industry and government often find themselves in a somewhat counterproductive relationship in which companies aggressively oppose regulations. However, given the newness and many uncertainties around driverless car technology, the need for policy at the federal level has become clear. Read More


Vincentric’s Hybrid Vehicle Analysis Omits the Best Economic Opportunity: Commercial Trucks

A new study casts doubt on the savings provided by hybrid cars, but commercial trucks are a different story given the miles driven, longer service life, and lower base mpg. Read More


Business Leaders Tout the Use of Natural Gas in the Transportation Sector

Experts say that relatively low prices for natural gas and high domestic production provide the right conditions to bring about a greater penetration of NGVs in the country’s automobile fleet. Read More


Surge in EV Sales Bucks Cheap Gasoline, Broader Auto Industry Trends

Although gasoline prices remain low and total auto sales are down, consumers have significantly increased their purchases of electric vehicles this year. Read More


Oil Industry Shaped by Changing Roles of IOCs and Service Companies

KPMG: Even as national and international oil companies continue to call the shots, oilfield service companies have emerged as the "unsung workhorse" of the oil industry. Read More


End of an Era? Oil and Gas Megaprojects Pushed to the Back Burner

Chevron, Shell, ConocoPhillips, and ExxonMobil are all announcing limits on megaproject spending to focus on shale oil and gas production. Read More


Video: Two Startups Break Ground on Hyperloop Demonstration Facilities

Is the Hyperloop a transportation revolution waiting to happen, or a pipe dream? As two startups break ground on demonstration facilities, we speak with experts to determine if the Hyperloop is more than a hype machine. Read More


Video: AGS Seeks to Boost Efficiency of Oil and Gas Production

Peter Kuhn of AGS explains how his company's technology combines valves and algorithms to transform oil and gas production at the wellhead, reducing wastewater and gas flaring while improving company returns. Read More


Secretary Moniz Hails LNG Exports, Iranian Nuclear Deal, Driverless Cars

Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz stated that energy security is a “collective responsibility,” noting, for example, that insecurity elsewhere negatively affects the U.S. Read More


V2G Moves from Laboratory to Practice in Air Force Demo

When combined with a very large pool of electric vehicle batteries, vehicle to grid technology (V2G) can help utilities balance short periods of supply and demand imbalances in the electrical grid and even lower bills by using locally generated power from solar or wind. Read More