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Oil and the Economy


Oil Majors Hit By Major Write-Downs

Behind the billions of dollars in write-downs is a substantially gloomier assumption about the long-term trajectory of the oil market. Read More


Canada Faces Oil Shut Ins As Prices Drop Below $5

With a barrel of Canadian oil now cheaper than a pint of beer, producers have begun to shut in production. Read More


The Return of “Peak Demand?” What the Future May Hold for Global Oil

As Coronavirus reignites the global oil demand debate, near-term problems have brought back concerns about the long-term viability of oil and gas. Read More


Softer Fed Stance Signals Growing Economic Concerns

Looser monetary policy would help commodity markets, but the Fed’s softening line also highlights the growing fear of an economic slowdown. Read More


LNG Supply Tightness in 2020s, But Glut Today

LNG prices are set to tumble as a raft of new projects come online, but a tighter market is expected in the 2020s as project developers face questions on the next tranche of export projects. Read More


Shipping Industry Remains Unprepared for New Sulfur Rules

Bank of America Merrill Lynch cited the IMO regulations as one of three major factors—along with Iran sanctions and pipeline bottlenecks facing U.S. shale—that could contribute to an oil price spike “akin to the one observed in 2008.” Read More

U.S. Oil and Gas

U.S. Shale Activity Picks Up Even As Problems Remain

As continued OPEC curbs alongside a further hefty Saudi cut nudge WTI back above $50 per barrel, U.S. shale drillers have pulled back from the abyss. Read More

U.S. Oil and Gas

Appalachian Shale Drillers Still Losing Despite Spending Cuts

Despite cuts to drilling and spending, the U.S. natural gas slump continues—particularly in Appalachia. Read More

U.S. Oil and Gas

Last Minute Push for Alaska’s ANWR Won’t Stave Off Decline

Alaska’s oil industry faces an uncertain future with poor economics, a shrinking pool of capital, and the prospect of tightening environmental policy.  Read More

U.S. Oil and Gas

U.S. Shale Industry Sees Bankruptcies and Consolidation

Low oil prices and high-profile deals point to a shift toward consolidation in the U.S. oil industry. Read More

U.S. Oil and Gas

Oil Downturn Rocks State Budgets

U.S. state governments dependent on oil and gas revenues face a fiscal crunch as COVID-19 hits production. Read More

U.S. Oil and Gas

Shale Faces Both Financial and Operational Problems

The oil market is close to rebalancing, and one big factor has been the steep decline in U.S. shale production. Read More