The Fuse



Brent-WTI Spread Narrows, For Now at Least, as North American Supply Tightens

The latest on oil prices: The forces that helped drive WTI and Brent apart have suddenly reversed course. Read More


Trump, OPEC, and the Oil Market's Razor Thin Spare Capacity

The oil market could be sorely tested in the second half of the year and into 2019, unless demand slows, OPEC outages are less than expected, or non-OPEC producers such as the United States, Canada, and Brazil produce higher than forecast. Read More


From NHTSA to NOPEC, Washington Faces Key Choices on Energy Security

The aim of the NOPEC legislation is to consider ways to take action to hold OPEC accountable for its anti-competitive behavior. Read More


The Numbers Don’t Add Up: OPEC Sows More Confusion With Production Increase

OPEC fudges the details. Oil prices rose on Friday in reaction to OPEC's decision to increase output during the second half of the year. Analysts argue that the cartel's actions will not be sufficient to meet the markets' needs. Read More


With or Without You: OPEC+ to Increase Supply Even if Iran Fails to Compromise

Market watchers are not sure Iran’s participation in an OPEC agreement is necessary. The Saudis are determined to increase supply, with or without Iran’s agreement. Read More


Market Intervention: The Cause of, and Solution to, All Oil Supply Challenges

OPEC itself is responsible for disrupting the investment cycle and eliminating the inventory overhang in record time. Asking them to fix the problems they caused is the wrong approach. Read More


OPEC: New and Improved?

Smaller producers are eager to work with OPEC or join the cartel in an effort to boost their reputation, amplify their market clout, and gather research, information, and resources to attract investment. Read More


Petrostates, International Soccer, and Soft Power

Major oil producing countries, and wealthy individuals in certain petrostates, have injected billions of dollars into soccer clubs, mostly in European leagues, and their reach is spreading in an attempt to promote their “soft power.” Read More


Polish Refinery’s Imports of U.S. Crude Send Strong Signal to Moscow

With purchases of U.S. crude, European countries are able to reduce Russia’s leverage and force Moscow to negotiate and be more cooperative. Read More


Saudi Arabia and Russia Deepen Energy Ties, Set to Continue Oil Market ‘Cooperation’

Saudi Arabia and Russia successfully collaborating on tightening fundamentals and lifting prices, if it continues, will likely have large ramifications for the global oil market in the future, given that both are in a position of strength with high production volumes and large proven reserves. Read More

Oil and the Economy

U.S. LNG Arrives in Europe, Set to Compete With Russian Gas

While U.S. LNG will play second fiddle to pipeline gas from Russia in the European market, the mere fact that Gazprom has granted pricing concessions is a sign that Europe's LNG imports are having a significant effect. Read More


Energy Implications of Tighter U.S. Sanctions on Russia

The new sanctions will still tighten the screws on Russia’s energy sector, altering how the country does business with the global energy industry and increasing risks of partnering with Russian companies. Read More