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SAFE Responds to Criticisms of Research on Military Costs of Protecting Global Oil Supply

While the overwhelming response to SAFE's report has been positive, our group seeks to clarify criticisms that are not factually based. Read More

Oil and the Economy

Saudi Arabia Attempts Balancing Act As Oil Market Tightens

Rapidly declining oil exports from Iran, combined with ongoing losses from Venezuela, could put Saudi Arabia’s spare capacity to the test. Read More


Trump Tweets, Fuel Economy and the Military Cost of Oil Dependence

The United States spends at least $81 billion every year protecting the global free flow of oil. Read More


Perry Meets with Russian and Saudi Energy Ministers to Blunt Impact of Iran Sanctions on Oil Markets

Renewed Iran sanctions will coincide with election season, granting Russia and Saudi Arabia leverage in negotiations with the United States. Read More

Energy Innovation

U.S. Crude Oil Production Reaches 11 Mbd Historic High

Stay on top of the latest developments in oil markets, geopolitical risk, and alternative fuel vehicles with the SAFE policy team's Chart of the Week. Read More


Iran’s Sanction-Busting Playbook is Weak

Tehran has limited options to dodge sanctions, most of which are a redux of its 2012 strategy. Read More


OPEC: New and Improved?

Smaller producers are eager to work with OPEC or join the cartel in an effort to boost their reputation, amplify their market clout, and gather research, information, and resources to attract investment. Read More


Petrostates, International Soccer, and Soft Power

Major oil producing countries, and wealthy individuals in certain petrostates, have injected billions of dollars into soccer clubs, mostly in European leagues, and their reach is spreading in an attempt to promote their “soft power.” Read More


Polish Refinery’s Imports of U.S. Crude Send Strong Signal to Moscow

With purchases of U.S. crude, European countries are able to reduce Russia’s leverage and force Moscow to negotiate and be more cooperative. Read More


Saudi Arabia and Russia Deepen Energy Ties, Set to Continue Oil Market ‘Cooperation’

Saudi Arabia and Russia successfully collaborating on tightening fundamentals and lifting prices, if it continues, will likely have large ramifications for the global oil market in the future, given that both are in a position of strength with high production volumes and large proven reserves. Read More

Oil and the Economy

U.S. LNG Arrives in Europe, Set to Compete With Russian Gas

While U.S. LNG will play second fiddle to pipeline gas from Russia in the European market, the mere fact that Gazprom has granted pricing concessions is a sign that Europe's LNG imports are having a significant effect. Read More


Energy Implications of Tighter U.S. Sanctions on Russia

The new sanctions will still tighten the screws on Russia’s energy sector, altering how the country does business with the global energy industry and increasing risks of partnering with Russian companies. Read More