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Energy in the Lame Duck Session: What to Know

With an eye on his legacy, President Obama is trying to ink a few energy and environmental victories before he leaves the White House. The Dakota Access pipeline, the BLM's fracking rule, and monument designations are key areas of focus for the outgoing administration. Read More


Maintaining CAFE Standards and EV Tax Credit Consistent with Trump's Plan to End Dependence on OPEC Oil

The 2016 election could turn out to be a big win for the oil and gas industry, as Trump has championed deregulation and a rollback of a number of environmental measures. Read More


White House Initiative for EV Charging Corridors to Significantly Reduce ‘Range Anxiety’

Despite improvements in charging infrastructure and battery technology, consumers may still be hesitant to buy EVs based on outdated preconceptions. Read More


In Second Presidential Debate, Energy Misinformation Spread by Both Sides

Both Trump and Clinton make misstatements on energy, but Clinton points to role Middle East producers play in managing oil prices. Read More


Energy Issues on the Periphery of First Presidential Debate

With the country enjoying a period of energy abundance and low prices at the pump, voters aren’t as concerned about what’s happening in the global oil market. That showed in the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Read More


Strategic Oil Reserve Gets Short-Changed in Political Debate

Despite the DOE and others making the case for a slimmer Strategic Petroleum Reserve, the U.S. is still vulnerable to wild price swings and global supply outages. Read More


Fracking Leaders Hamm and Sheffield Differ on Presidential Politics

Two major executives this past week gave differing views on this year's election. Continental's Harold Hamm spoke at the RNC in favor of Donald Trump, while Pioneer's CEO noted how the industry has performed better under Democratic administrations. Read More


Obama: The Accidental Energy Security President

Like presidents before him dating back to Richard Nixon, Barack Obama pledged to reduce dependence on crude oil imports and sever the country’s reliance on OPEC oil. But unlike others, Obama saw overall energy security improve markedly during his presidency. Read More


U.S. Military Leverages Alternative, Efficient Energy Technology to Improve Warfighting Ability

Experts: Military energy reform efforts not only save money and reduce fuel consumption—they improve the Department of Defense’s effectiveness, and ultimately save lives of American soldiers. Read More


Obama Proposes $10/bbl Oil Tax, Expected Dead on Arrival

Given the gridlock in Congress, the state of the economy, and the challenges faced by the domestic oil industry, the proposal fails to meaningfully advance solutions to move the country away from oil. Read More


Despite Pressing Issues, Republican Candidates Skip Energy Again in Third Presidential Debate

Energy policy has flown under the radar in the Republican presidential campaign—a fact that belies the range of critical energy issues that will be essential for the next President to address. Read More


Energy Policy 2016: Democratic Candidates Differ on Energy Priorities

In the first Democratic debate, the candidates revealed that energy policy is high on their priorities, but they differ widely on issue positions. Read More