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Crosspost: SAFE’s Hayward and Bin-Nun Speak with Edward Niedermeyer on AV Challenges

by The Fuse | January 24, 2017

In an episode of the Autonocast with host Ed Niedermeyer, an auto expert and contributor to BloombergView, Leslie Hayward and Amitai Bin-Nun of Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE) discuss their recent report from the Commission on Autonomous Vehicle Testing and Safety that presents best practices for the industry in testing and deploying AVs. You can listen to the podcast here.

During their talk, Hayward and Bin-Nun argue that these guidelines are necessary for the industry in order to help foster a smooth transition to autonomy and increase public trust while avoiding a regulatory backlash. Widespread adoption of AVs—which has the potential to increase mobility access to the underserved segments of society, foster diversity in the transportation sector, and reduce traffic deaths—could be threatened or set back by aggressive regulation and/or high-profile failures. Hayward and Bin-Nun tell Niedermeyer that these risks make the work of the Commission vital at this time. Transparency in the industry and an effective regulatory framework are needed in order to deploy the new technology in a safe and effective manner and for society to see its full benefits.