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This Week In AVs: Walmart Starts AV Pilot; Congress Seeks to Jump-Start AV Bill; and More

SAFE's weekly roundup of the top news in autonomous vehicle innovation and deployment.

topics: autonomous vehicles, Congress, Ford, Self-Driving Cars

Shale Slows Amid Financial Pain, But Offshore Drilling Picks Up

Production gains cannot mask the problems facing the shale industry, but the offshore sector is seeing an increase in activity.

topics: Fracking, Gulf of Mexico, Offshore Drilling, Shale, Shale Oil, Shale Oil Production

Tepid Response to Persian Gulf Instability Highlights—and Masks—Bigger Problems

Weaker demand has allowed traders to shrug off recent events in the Persian Gulf. But a belief that a return to the days of the tanker war is unlikely may be misplaced.

topics: Crude Oil, Energy Security, Iran, Iran Deal, Oil Prices, OPEC, Strait of Hormuz, Trump administration

Earnings Season Anticipates Mixed Results

An extended period of lower commodity prices will continue to weaken earnings outlooks, making the prospect of merging with—or acquiring—E&P companies more attractive.

topics: Energy Policy, Oil Prices, Oil Production, Shale