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Forecasters Raise Global Oil Demand Estimates for 2017

The reasons for the positive demand revisions come from every region of the global oil market, with stronger economic activity the main reason for the more optimistic outlook.

topics: Economy, EIA, Global Oil Demand, IEA, OPEC

Trump Administration Repeals Disclosure Requirements for Oil Companies

The oil industry opposed the disclosure requirements, arguing that the rules are onerous and costly while putting American companies at a disadvantage in the international market.

topics: american petroleum institute, Dodd-Frank, Donald Trump, International oil companies, petro-states, Resource Curse, SEC

What Should Congress Do About Autonomous Vehicles?

There’s growing evidence of the natural link between autonomous and electric vehicles.

topics: autonomous vehicles, Congress, NHTSA, Securing America's Future Energy, Transportation Policy

Ford Takes Big Leap in Autonomy With Purchase of AI Start-Up

Ford's $1 billion investment in a tech start-up reflects the company's commitment to autonomous vehicles and its attempts to catch up to others in the space, particularly Google and Tesla.

topics: autonomous vehicles, Ford, Google, Tesla

Charts Highlighting Job Potential in Oil and Transportation Sectors

SAFE's Fact Pack summary for Q4 looks at recent trends in oil market fundamentals and transportation while also focusing on how American innovation can help job growth in the transportation and domestic energy sectors, a key development that will lessen the country’s dependence on OPEC imports.

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