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Will Student Loan Debt Affect Vehicle Ownership?

Monthly debt payments of several hundred dollars, or more, mean that personal vehicle ownership may become impacted. At the margin, households may choose to own fewer vehicles to account for the need to make student loan payments.

topics: Student loan debt, Suburbs, Urbanization, Vehicle ownership

ESLC Profile: General James Conway

General James Conway’s background as a Marine motivated him to engage in the cause of oil dependence because of its negative effects on national security.

topics: Energy Security, ESLC, General James Conway, Geopolitics, Oil Dependence

Could Small Changes in Land Use Cause Large Shifts in Vehicle Ownership?

If future population growth occurs in suburbs of lower-density and higher income, then vehicle ownership will likely rise, whereas if future population growth gathers in higher-density, lower-income cities, vehicle ownership may decline.

topics: Suburbs, Transportation Fuel Demand, Urbanization, Vehicle ownership

Automation, Big Data Improve Shale Efficiency, Alter Jobs Outlook in Oil & Gas Sector

Since the price downturn, companies have prioritized digital technologies, artificial intelligence, automation, robots and drones, connectivity, and data analytics in their budgets.

topics: Automation, Big Data, ConocoPhillips, Employment, Halliburton, Oilfield services, Shale

Oil Majors’ Earnings Disappoint on Shrinking Refining Margins

Fourth-quarter earnings significantly missed expectations, but they do not necessarily negate the broader improving trend for the oil majors.

topics: BP, Chevon, ExxonMobil, Oil Majors, Oil Refining, Refining margins, Royal Dutch Shell