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Permian Bottlenecks, Labor Constraints Force Shale Companies to Look Elsewhere

With the Permian possibly falling short of expectations, the U.S. shale boom may not be the panacea to keep prices relatively low at a time OPEC is restraining supply and geopolitical risks threaten more supply disruptions.

topics: OPEC, Permian, Pipeline Infrastructure, Shale, Shale investors

OPEC Mulls Output Increase, Prices Could Swing Either Way in Response

OPEC members are split over whether to change strategy, as global oil markets are trading just under $80 per barrel and consuming countries are pressuring producers to increase output.

topics: Iraq, Oil Markets, OPEC, Russia, Saudi Arabia

Public Charging Infrastructure Network Developing as States, Utilities Take Initiative

With EV sales continuing to rise and more fleet operators seeing the economic benefits of electrification, governments are increasing their public charging infrastructure investments.

topics: autonomous vehicles, California, Charging Infrastructure, EV Charging

Chart of the Week: Light Truck Sales Continue to Accelerate

Stay on top of the latest developments in oil markets, geopolitical risk, and alternative fuel vehicles with the SAFE policy team's Chart of the Week.

topics: Capital expenditures, Gasoline, Household Spending, Iran, oil, Oil Price Volatility, Oil Prices, Oil Production, Saudi Arabia, Upstream Investment

China Races for Arctic Dominance

Unrestricted access to Arctic sea routes will further link China’s developing economy with some of the world's most advanced markets, including the United States, Canada, and Norway.

topics: Arctic, China, Oil Trade Flows, Russia