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Russia’s Role in Europe’s Gas Crisis

Natural gas prices have spiked worldwide, with price surges most acutely felt in Europe.

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Biden Can’t Fix Short-Term Energy Prices, But Can Accelerate Transition

The global spike in commodity prices has resulted in expensive gasoline, which is always a political headache for whichever political party is in power.

topics: Biden administration, Gas, Gasoline prices

Progress at COP26, But Ambition Still Short of What is Needed

The pledges from the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow are coming in thick and fast, with new promises to transition to net-zero emissions and other commitments to cut financing for fossil fuels.

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Panic at the Pump: Biden’s Gasoline Dilemma

There’s no denying the salience of gasoline prices in domestic American politics.

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Global Leaders Want More OPEC+ Oil and More Climate Action

OPEC+ will meet in the coming days to decide on next steps in regards to unwinding extraordinary production cuts. Meanwhile, in Glasgow, global leaders are trying to ratchet up the climate ambition.

topics: Climate, Global Oil Demand, OPEC