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Is OPEC Gaming Exports to Move U.S. Inventories?

OPEC’s strategy centers around restricting supply to the Atlantic basin since inventory data in the U.S. is the most timely and visible in the world. From February to early April, U.S. imports from Saudi Arabia have plummeted by about 462,000 b/d.

topics: Crude inventories, Nigeria, Oil Prices, OPEC, Saudi Arabia, U.S. crude imports

Permania Isn’t a Panacea for the Long Term

With so much focus on OPEC cuts and shale growth as of late, declines at existing fields and demand increases from low prices mean that a supply gap will eventually form, even if the rosiest scenario pans out in the Permian.

topics: Barclays, Permian, Pioneer Natural Resources, Shale, Shale Decline Rates

Oil Pipeline Through Myanmar Highlights China's Growing Import Dependence

A combination of high demand growth and declining production in China puts extra emphasis on projects like the Myanmar pipeline as the country looks to improve energy security.

topics: China, Myanmar, Oil Demand Growth, Oil Imports, Pipeline

Is the Trading World Ripe for Consolidation?

Big merchant traders like Vitol, Trafigura, and Glencore are expected to aggressively explore opportunities to grow in order to diversify their asset and customer bases and mitigate risk.

topics: Glencore, Gunvor, Oil Prices, oil trading, Refining, Trafigura, Vitol

Copper, Lithium Markets to Receive Major Support from Autonomous Vehicles

Many of the same uncertainties that persist in the oil market will remain true for copper and lithium, both of which will see major demand growth as a result of the transition to autonomous vehicles.

topics: autonomous vehicles, Cobalt, Copper, Lithium, Peak Demand