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INRIX: Cities With Shorter Trips Poised to Benefit First from AVs

By looking at trip, parking, and demographic data, cities can mark deployment areas where autonomous vehicles will be immediately effective and can push for them to operate in those sections first.

topics: Autonomous cars, Autonomous Vehicle Policy, INRIX

Crosspost: How Volkswagen Is Shaping America’s Energy Future

T. Boone Pickens explains why Volkswagen's settlement with the Justice Department can help move U.S. energy security in the right direction.

topics: Energy Security, Natural Gas Vehicles, T. Boone Pickens, Volkswagen

A Midterm Evaluation Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Experts: In the chicken-or-the-egg conundrum between EVs and charging infrastructure, autonomous vehicles are the "rooster." Can regulators keep up?

topics: autonomous vehicles, CERAWeek, Electric Vehicles, Fuel Economy, IHS, Roosters

Chart of the Week: U.S. Plug-in Electric Vehicle Sales, 2011-Present

Stay on top of the latest developments in oil markets, geopolitical risk, and alternative fuel vehicles with the SAFE policy team's Chart of the Week.

topics: Capital expenditures, Gasoline, Household Spending, Iran, oil, Oil Price Volatility, Oil Prices, Oil Production, Saudi Arabia, Upstream Investment

EPA Puts Fuel Economy Review Back on Original Timetable

The Mid-term Evaluation for fuel economy standards opens the door to including new vehicle technology, such as autonomy, in federal regulations, a development that could lead to even greater efficiency in the longer term.

topics: autonomous technology, CAFE Standards, Donald Trump, EPA, NHTSA