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Ford’s Bold CEO Move Reflects Its Commitment to Autonomous Vehicles

Ford's appointment of Jim Hackett as its new CEO makes good strategic sense, given the automaker’s commitment to AVs and the necessity of taking more bold steps in this area. The move further deepens Ford’s commitment to becoming a modern mobility company, and not just a traditional automaker.

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Expect OPEC to Game Expectations

More and more market watchers are making the case that OPEC should just leave well enough alone and let the free market set the price. While trying to influence sentiment and fundamentals, on nearly a daily basis, OPEC has already destabilized the market and guarantees more uncertainty ahead.

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Elections Loom Over Iran’s Oil Industry

Iranian oil output has come a long way since the nuclear deal went into effect and tough sanctions were lifted in January 2016, but the outlook now very much depends on the outcome of the May 19 presidential election.

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Will Argentina's Shale Revolution Finally Begin?

The outlook for Argentina’s Vaca Muerta is arguably more positive than it has ever been, with some oil majors recently giving the go-ahead on big shale investments in the country.

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Autonomous Vehicles’ Political Capital for Israel

Transportation must be the new growth sector in the US-Israel relationship, and AVs are the door. With its natural benefits to the security and prosperity of both nations, the table is set to yield both commercial and political value.

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