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Big Oil's Best Quarter in Years

Higher oil prices and surging profits in the second quarter are giving them a lot more leeway, definitively putting an end to years of austerity.

topics: Earnings, oil, Oil Majors, Oil Prices

Examining the Proposed Fuel Economy Rule on Safety, Vehicle Prices, and Oil Demand Implications

NHTSA and EPA's own analysis has found that lightweighting, when done properly, poses no overall increased risk to highway safety. In recent years, record U.S. auto sales have coincided with significant fuel efficiency gains.

topics: CAFE Standards, Economic Competitiveness, EPA, Fuel Economy, Gasoline Consumption, Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, NPRM, Oil Demand, Oil Prices

Iraqi Oil After the May Elections

The unexpected outcome of Iraq's recent parliamentary elections has sweeping implications for the country's agreements with international oil companies and OPEC.

topics: Iraq, ISIS, Kurdistan, MENA, Middle East, OPEC

Analyst Fears of Supply Gap Collide with Pending Rulemaking on Fuel Economy

Assuming that oil prices will remain low through 2050 is not consistent with current market dynamics or historical precedent.

topics: DOT, EPA, Fuel Economy, Oil Prices, Oil Supply

Scoot CEO: Electric Mobility Services Will Be “Mass Transit of the 21st Century”

Electric scooters tap into the pent-up demand for urban mobility without the physical exertion of traditional bicycles or the expense and inconvenience of driving in a congested city.

topics: Last Mile, Lyft, Scoot, Transit, Uber, Urban Mobility