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Oil and the Economy


Softer Fed Stance Signals Growing Economic Concerns

Looser monetary policy would help commodity markets, but the Fed’s softening line also highlights the growing fear of an economic slowdown. Read More


LNG Supply Tightness in 2020s, But Glut Today

LNG prices are set to tumble as a raft of new projects come online, but a tighter market is expected in the 2020s as project developers face questions on the next tranche of export projects. Read More


Shipping Industry Remains Unprepared for New Sulfur Rules

Bank of America Merrill Lynch cited the IMO regulations as one of three major factors—along with Iran sanctions and pipeline bottlenecks facing U.S. shale—that could contribute to an oil price spike “akin to the one observed in 2008.” Read More


Keep the Car Running: Transportation Costs Hit Indie Musicians

Artists may suffer a number of setbacks as a result of rising fuel prices, particularly independent musicians whose livelihoods are made on the road. Read More


Battle Between Ethanol and Refiners Reaches Stalemate

The current zero-sum battle between corn states and the biofuels industry and oil refiners is not new, but it has exploded into a fierce fight over the past year as the EPA cracked open the door to a weakening of the RFS. Read More


No Surprises: Analysts Say Oil May Hit $150   

It’s not inevitable that oil prices will hit $150, but there should be no surprises if they rally to that level, or higher. Read More

U.S. Oil and Gas

Oil’s Long Road to Recovery

Cautious optimism is returning to the oil industry, but prices are nowhere near profitable for the domestic industry. Read More

U.S. Oil and Gas

Have We Reached Peak Shale?

A growing number of analysts believe that U.S. production will never again hit recent highs. Read More

U.S. Oil and Gas

Oil Shut Ins Grow. Some Supply Won’t Come Back

Oil prices are starting to climb, but supply shut ins mean the pain is not yet over. Read More

U.S. Oil and Gas

Shale Bankruptcies to Accelerate

The demise of Chesapeake is a fitting bookend to the latest chapter of U.S. shale. Read More

U.S. Oil and Gas

The Impact of Oil Price Fluctuation on Job Security for the U.S. Energy Workforce

More than half of U.S. wells are set to become uneconomic as oil prices continue to slide—and American oil workers will bear the brunt. Read More

U.S. Oil and Gas

Oil Goes Negative. What Does it Mean?

The negative prices are an anomaly, related to the expiring contract in May. But the meltdown also reflects a ruinously oversupplied oil market. Read More