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Fuel Economy Announcements Enhance U.S. Economic And National Security

Although the governors of Minnesota and New Mexico gave environmental reasons for enacting new fuel efficiency standards, following more stringent standards also provide significant economic and national security benefits.

topics: Energy Security, EPA, Fuel Economy, NHTSA

U.S. Oil Production Slows As Problems Mount for Shale Industry

Taken together, the long run of explosive U.S. shale growth is likely coming to an end.

topics: Low Oil Prices, Oil Production, Oil Supply, Shale, Shale Oil, Shale Oil Production

After the Shock: How to Interpret Oil Post-Abqaiq

The immediate impact of Abqaiq may have been minor, but the long-term lessons from this incident are bound to become more clear with time.

topics: Abqaiq, Aramco, Low Oil Prices, Oil Demand, Oil Dependence, Oil Prices, Oil Production, Oil Supply, OPEC, Saudi Arabia