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Podcast: T. Boone Pickens & FedEx’s Fred Smith on Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel

by The Fuse | January 31, 2017

T. Boone Pickens, in this podcast, talks with Fred Smith of FedEx and Chris Spear of American Trucking Associations about the numerous benefits of natural gas as a transportation fuel: It’s cheaper than diesel, it’s cleaner than diesel, it’s abundant, and it’s produced domestically. Listen to this conversation here.

Under Smith’s leadership, FedEx has been the pointed end of the transportation fuel spear in moving his heavy-duty trucks from diesel to domestic natural gas. In this interview, Smith points out that FedEx Cargo and FedEx Ground drove 3 billion miles across the United States in 2015. As one of the world’s largest consumers of transportation fuel, Smith also notes that because of its widespread availability, natural gas has another advantage over diesel: It is price stable. It is far easier for a major user to plan ahead when you know that the price of your transportation fuel will be stable. Smith also talks about the new natural gas engines that are available today that are providing better mileage and cleaner operations.